Simplifying Provider Interactions and Streamlining Workflow for Seamless Assessments, Appointments, and Invoicing

Provider + offers a simple, yet highly effective way for your external providers to interact with your business and to complete assessments, set appointments, enter results, add notes and invoice for their service via one application, available on any device, anywhere and at any time.

Provider + has been designed to be used on any device In circulation:

The consistency of each function ensures that minimal, if any, training or support is needed.

When completing questionnaires and assessments, a simple ‘ticks and crosses’ functionality has been deployed to ensure users answer all mandatory questions and the system essentially forces them to remain on the page to complete all tasks before moving off. As a result, you can say farewell to the hassle of chasing providers for additional information or overlooked questions. Moreover, the system will not let the user create an invoice if the assessment has not been completed.

By using Provider + your external users will be able to;

Manage Critical Health Incidents