Employee Health Management Made Easy

Our interaction with the health and wellbeing industry has led My Workplace Health to create a customisable suite of interactive software applications which enables organisations to effectively and efficiently manage their employees health. 

From our centralised management hub ‘Health Cloud‘, clients can employ the funtionality of our many satellite applications to build unique services which cater to their needs.

Health Manager
This software is specifically crafted for holistic well-being, encompassing both physical and mental health programs. Tailor assessments and consultations to align with your specific needs and goals. Receive immediate health alerts if any results appear disproportionate or concerning. Generate detailed reports using statistical analysis and effectively track biometric data for comprehensive insights.
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Incident Manager
Efficiently record and monitor events and critical incidents in a centralised system. Assign appropriate health programs to personnel involved in incidents for targeted support. Effectively track and manage attending personnel to ensure proper coordination and response. Experience live and dynamic reporting capabilities right out of the box for real-time insights.
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Injury Manager
Efficiently document and monitor non-work related injuries. Include detailed notes, attach relevant documents, and conduct comprehensive return-to-work assessments. Keep track of estimated and actual costs associated with the injuries for accurate financial management.
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Inventory Manager
Effectively oversee pharmacy inventory lists for streamlined management. Dispense medications and maintain detailed records of purchase orders. Effortlessly transfer stock between different sites and create inter-store transfers. Conduct comprehensive stocktakes to ensure accurate inventory management.
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Provider Manager
Facilitate the seamless addition and integration of new providers into the system. Efficiently manage and edit provider details for accurate and up-to-date information. Track consultations and effortlessly generate invoices for streamlined billing processes.
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The Health Cloud employee health software management hub operates across six clever interactive and/or independent applications. Put simply, our team has created software which embraces the fundamental building blocks of effective workplace health management. The final result is stunning.

The following six Health Cloud software applications can be used collectively towards a complete workplace health software package, or as individual and independent components based your immediate risks or specific workplace requirements.