Introducing Book Me

The user-friendly cloud-based application that revolutionises how you access health programs. Our platform generates invites through our application ‘Health Cloud’ and sends them effortlessly via email or SMS.

For participants, whether they’re employees, volunteers, or dependents, ‘Book Me’ empowers them to easily create or modify their user profiles, schedule consultations, and even complete preliminary questionnaires if needed.

The My Workplace Health family of applications enables organisations such as Terry White to create, administer, manage and report on customised services such as skin checks and health checks. Key points include

The ability to customise the appearance of the software to meet Terry Whites and/or its clients marketing objectives.
The ability to administer highly customised services to clients.
The automated process is delivered via a set of customised applications to capture data throughout the entirety of the workflow.

Book Me is a scheduling solution that is customised to suit your organisation’s set up and structure. It enables organisations and individuals to connect, allocate, manage and edit appointment slots for:

TeleHealth Appointments

Allied Health Appointments

Medical Appointments

Vaccination Programs

Any Assessment Invitation as required

EAP and Mental Health Appointments

  • Access Control Flexibility: Users can choose between granting unlimited access to employees or sending individual invitations, providing versatile control over participation.
  •  Dual URL System: The application utilises two distinct URL’s: one for employee registration, simplifying the user experience, and the existing Health Cloud URL for event setup, maintaining compatibility with your existing infrastructure.
  • Integration Options: Book Me can seamlessly integrate into your existing Health Cloud Suite, streamlining operations, or be used as a standalone product for specific booking needs.
  • Multi-Channel Reminders: Reminders are sent via both SMS and email, ensuring participants are well informed and engaged. 

Relationship Snapshot

If you have any questions or would like to organise a demonstration, please do not hesitate to contact us at or 1300 736 361