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Regarded as one of Australia’s leading health software companies, My Workplace Health was born of a common goal to improve the health and wellbeing of the global workforce, and support organisations to implement positive change that is rewarding to both the employee and delivers positive outcomes for the business. Our interaction with the health and wellbeing industry has led My Workplace Health to create a customisable suite of interactive software applications which enables organisations to effectively and efficiently manage their employees health.

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Our OCI Cloud Based Software Solutions

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Emergency Services Health Portal

Your organisation provides immediate assistance and support during critical situations, such as medical emergencies, fires, and criminal activities. You offer PEER Support, Pastoral Care and/or EAP Services (internal or external)

My Workplace Health

My Workplace Health is our leading health solution for organisations to manage and transform Workplace Wellbeing with Versatile and Tailored Health Software Solutions. From a build in booking system to tailorable health assessments, this system has it all.

Pineal Software Solutions

Pineal Software is our internally developed business management solution which includes remote-friendly team workspaces to build and collaborate projects and business management.  

Mobilise +

Mobilise+ is a cloud-based platform designed to enhance efficiency and supervision in handling contractor mobilization and shutdown worker management for mining companies.

CruiseCare Health

The CruiseCare cloud-based health solution presents a stand-alone health management platform available 24/7 for Cruise Ship Companies to oversee and manage the health and wellbeing of crew members.

Global Health Tech

GHT is our Research and Development (R&D) arm, focusing on new global health technologies. GHT operates as our consulting arm for OCI (Oracle Cloud Infrastructure), Autonomous Database transitions.

My Aged Care

My Aged Care works in partnership with the Healthy Collective to provide comprehensive digital health software solutions to the Aged Care sector. My Aged Care includes API interfaces with the PRODA and our AIR interface allows real time vaccination management and care. MRAssist (Home Medicines Review Software) affords Doctors, Pharmacists, Practice Nurses and Administrators live access.

My Campus Health

 My Campus Health was born of a common goal to improve the health and well-being of students globally, and to support the implementation of positive change that is rewarding to the student and institution alike. Access to both physical and mental health tools brings the system to life and provides crucial resources to students living abroad, often for the first time.

Health Bank

The purpose of Health Bank Application is to allow organisations to easily track all health spending against an individual and any cohort within the workplace. Individuals/family members download a “Health Wallet” to track their individual health spend and organisations can track and control their health spend dollars through layered schemes and annual budgets

Our Goal
our goal is crystal clear and passionately pursued: to empower organisations worldwide with cutting-edge health software solutions that enhance the vitality and wellness of their workforce. We're committed to helping businesses implement transformative change that not only benefits their employees but also fuels the success of their ventures.
Our Passion
Our purpose goes beyond mere functionality; it's about transforming workplaces into havens of health, productivity, and fulfillment. We're driven by the passion to empower organisations, big and small, to take charge of their employees' health effectively and efficiently.
Our Customers
our commitment to improving the health and wellbeing of the global workforce is not just a mission statement—it's the driving force behind everything we do. And this commitment extends to you, our valued customers.
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