Cloud based customer experience management system

Create – Manage – Track, Anywhere, Anytime

Streamline operations with our end to end software suite;

  • schedule locations, dates and times
  • assign practitioners
  • distribute invites using email or QR codes
  • offer appointments or vouchers
  • automate confirmations, reminders and cancellations
  • manage bookings and calendars
  • pre-collect vaccination checklists
  • record vaccinations
  • submit vaccinations live to the AIR
  • view live reporting

Assign user specific security roles with your organisation to allocate and co-ordinate  resources via the live management hub. 

Simultaneously administer multiple programs, across multiple sites, using multiple providers and in multiple time zones.

Reduce admin time, accelerate data collection  and streamline all processes with the one management system.

Manage vaccine batches including cold chain and   gain instant access to employee immunisation  data.

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