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Smart and Simple Interaction Management

Peer Diary is a custom interface which simplifies your management of peer interactions. Take a few moments to watch these brief tutorials on how to create a new interaction and how to edit a contact which has been assigned to you by the peer coordinator.

Important Information

All data generated is deidentified and only the information relating to an individual contacted is represented (such as region, gender, years of service etc).

A Few Key Points

  • Peers are only required to make an entry if actual contact is made with a colleague. If a Peer is allocated a contact by a Peer Support Coordinator & the Peer leaves a message but do not receive a call back, mark this as unable to contact in Section 2: Contact outcome. (see video 2)
  • Fields marked with a red asterix are mandatory fields (but the more fields completed the better)
  • As a volunteer Peer, contacts will only be allocated by the Peer Support Coordinator if a Peer has replied to a request to provide assistance to the Peer Support team during a significant incident/event or when there is an unanticipated increase in demand

Video 1 - Getting Started

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Video 2 - Creating a New Interaction

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Video 3 - Completing An Assigned Interaction

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