Mental Health - The Second Pandemic

“The current COVID-19 pandemic not only poses a large threat to the physical health of our population, if we fail to act now, it will also have detrimental and long-term consequences for mental health”. Figuroa and Aguilera, School of Social Welfare, Front Psychiatry, June 2020.

Now more than ever, supporting your people through 2020 is critical, particularly as we come out of lockdown and start moving towards a “new normal” work environment.

 With the developing impact of the current social and economic circumstances, many employees and family members are experiencing elevated stress and anxiety in both work and personal environments. For many organisations, the desire to offer assistance with the self-management of such issues has led to the development of our new, anonymous and encrypted application, HealthyME.

HealthyME affords users a simple and interactive platform to access digital resources based on their specific situation or requirements. The application is de-identified for the user, and is interfaced with a powerful reporting tool for the identification of critical management statistics for users of the app such as demographics and resources being accessed.

This application is completely customisable for any organisation to support their employees and family members alike. The resources and questionnaires can be modified to meet your specific needs and we continue to develop and adjust our resources as needed.

Simple and easy to deploy. You can provide your people with a QR code to download the application onto any smart devise, tablet or desktop. Organisations can be up and running in days, not weeks or months.

User Instructions